Land and Structure Aerial Photography Specialists

We are a CAA Approved Inverness based company specializing in aerial UAV photography and filming. We safely fly our drones all over the highlands to capture beautiful pin-sharp footage and photos for our clients, wherever they may be.

From landscapes to roofing surveys to wind farm arrays, we fly high and low to get the shots you need. We use equipment capable of capturing footage at 4K Resolution (4 x HD quality), or 16 Megapixel still photos. We can then hand off unedited footage to yourself or production companies, or edit and colour grade the footage in-house if preferred. Photos and stills can be supplied in RAW format, or graded and optimised, ready to publish. You will own all rights to whatever footage is captured and can use it as you wish.

Some of our work...

Professional, affordable.

The service we can provide is not only cost effective, but also a much more environmentally friendly option than traditional methods of aerial photography (helicopters, small planes etc.).

How can we help?

We offer a wide range of low cost services to suit any budget.

How much does it cost?

Half day filming, 3 x 20 min flights - £300
Full day filming, 6 x 20 min flights - £500
These prices are based on a simple raw footage hand-over at the end of filming. For more intricate operations please contact us.

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Why aerial photography?

Sometimes you simply can't capture the whole story from the ground. Aerial photography can provide you with new and unique angles for whatever you want to capture. Be it your home, office, stables or oil rig, we can help get the image data you need.

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Professional equipment, professional photography

We use the latest and best in drone and camera equipment which not only ensures we can provide you with the best in image quality, but also means we are more flexible with the conditions in which we can capture footage as our cameras use larger sensors, which means sharper images with less noise, even in low light.

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